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We are creating and operating a gateway (and supporting ecosystem) that ensures that anyone can launch or embed a financial services product with the least possible friction, and in any market. And capture value for what they create. One gateway. All financial services.

We are integrating the doing this by aggregating APIs and services of banks and multiple financial service providers into one unified API, then offering it to businesses and startups as a way to cross pollinate for distribution and shared value creationcreating bespoke use cases for businesses so they in turn can offer well tailored propositions to their customers without worrying about the underlying tech or regulatory/compliance overhead. OnePipe and partners take care of that.

We are looking for folks to join us and contribute to the process involved in achieving that vision. We’ve been told that we are very cool people and a fun place to work. (wink)


  • Remote first: We believe people can work from anywhere, save for once a week month face time

  • Rent allowance: Company will sponsor a part of your rent

  • Health cover: Annual health cover for yourself and family

  • Device ownership: Your devices are yours if you want. But with some caveats.

  • Unlimited vacation time: You’re tired at any time? Take a break. Just be responsible about it.

  • Employee stock options: All employees participate in this. (hurry while offer lasts).

  • Quarterly performance bonus: Do well, get paid a thank you token.


  1. We’d need you to complete a basic info form. Something light.

  2. You’d have several conversations with several team members.

  3. If you are in a technical role, you may have to participate in a technical test (that some might say is “too much work”). If you are in a non-technical role, you may have to do some research and make a presentation. Please if you are uncomfortable with this, this opportunity might not be a fit for you.

  4. When we like each other, there might be a 3-month trial period before confirming final placement. This lets you know if we are worth it and gives us a chance to know you better. Mechanics of this would be worked out.